Virginia Mountaintop Elopement with Wild Horses

12 August 2020

Michaela and Max pulled up in a sticker-covered Subaru at the Massey Gap parking lot at Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia. Michaela hopped out of the car with Chacos on her feet and a homemade Trader Joe’s bouquet in her hand. Together, with the officiant, we hiked to the Massey Gap mountain pass. Wild horses grazed quietly as we passed, and water from a recent rain trickled down the mountain in rivulets.

The hike was steep in places, but the views? The views were so worth it.

When we reached the rocky outcropping, Michaela and Max planned to read their vows, but dark clouds could be spotted in the distance. They rolled in slowly, but were ominous, and you could feel the change in the air and taste the rain on your tongue. We continued our hike, but were cautious. Finally we reached the top, the storm moving south. The booms of thunder could be heard in the distance, and we could see the rain falling from the sky several miles away. It was a spiritual moment, in a way, and that’s when Michaela and Max decided to say their vows.

Since Max is from Colombia, Max said his vows in Spanish, and Michaela said hers in English. Michaela quoted Pablo Neruda. They sealed their vows with a kiss, a hug, and a shriek of excitement!

The clouds parted into radiant sunshine, and we spent the remainder of the evening documenting their love on a mountain peak, horses and all.