FAQ & How to Nail Your Engagement Session

28 January 2021

Wear comfortable clothes.

Give your engagement outfit a trial run before you wear it to your session. If you spend the entire shoot fixing and adjusting your dress or shirt, the discomfort will translate in the photos! Wear something comfortable that will move with your body.

Don’t be afraid to do something a little different.

Do you and your fiance have a favorite activity to do together? Whatever it is—hammocking, or rock-climbing, visiting coffee shops or drive-in movies—we can incorporate your interests into your session! This is a sweet way to personalize your images.

Visit the places that are important to you.

You know you want nature photos…but where? Why not return to the spot where your fiance proposed, or to the beach where you had your first date? Choosing a sentimental location can add depth and emotion to your photos.

Wear something timeless.

I always recommend avoiding neons or poppy reds to your engagement session. Why? They can create color casts on the skin which can often look unnatural, and are very difficult to edit. When in doubt—wear neutrals! You cannot go wrong with a timeless outfit. Not only will your images age well, but you won’t cringe when you look back at them on your twentieth anniversary!

Treat your session like a date.

There’s nothing scary about an engagement session—in fact, they’re a TON of fun! Treating your session like a date can reduce some of the pressure you might feel to perform and be perfect. Show up in something cute, and I’ll handle the rest. After, go out for dinner or grab a drink to make a day of it!

FAQ from couples just like you:

How many outfits can we have at our engagement session?

Because engagement sessions typically last around an hour, I recommend not exceeding two outfits. If you have a third shirt or dress or something you can change very quickly‚ that’s no problem! Just know that time spent changing your clothes is time taken away from being in front of the camera.

Can we bring our dog?

YES! Your dog is about to be my new best friend. If your pup is rambunctious, consider bringing a friend along as the dog-wrangler!

We want to pop some champagne—are we allowed?

Without a doubt! The world is your oyster, and that means that any idea or concept you want to try is fair game. If you do bring champagne, don’t forget some baby wipes since that stuff can be sticky!

What props do you recommend bringing?

I have a trunk full of blankets at any given time, but if you have a blanket that matches your outfits especially well, I always recommend bringing it along! As you think about your props—think about the things that are specific to you and your fiance. For example, if you love reading, you could bring books (or take your photos in a library)! Personalizing to your love story is always a good idea.